Since discovering the machine-created electro synth and programmed drum sounds of Planet Rock on his Walkman at the age of 10, loend has been obsessed with music generated by electronics. He bought his first pair of Technics 1200 turntables as a vehicle of performance from a classified ad in Seattle in 1994. He recalls marveling at their exquisite behavior and sparkling jewelry-like appearance once they were setup in his shared bedroom as a teenager. With more than 25 years of djing, curation and production experience under his belt, loend still loves pushing frequencies. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon and expresses his preferred brand of soulful, body-moving electronic dance music through the annual released Love City Bass Mix Series.

Fumbling around and attempting to mix electro records with George Lucas film sounds on vinyl, he garnered the respect and support of his older brother who at the time was producing and promoting Underground Rave parties in the Seattle area warehouse spaces with Cat in The Hat productions. He quickly started playing records at these events.

Performing on stage at raves and renegade techno parties, he came of age in an era of the grunge music-obsessed urban center of Seattle. He was very much attracted to the bending and blending of subculture in a brand new underground electronic dance music scene. Loend got the chance to play alongside global acts such as Basement Jaxx, Mark Farina, Z-Trip & Radar and local heroes — Donald Glaude, and Wesley Holmes.

Later, after gaining access to and performing in the over 21 nightclubs and after hours parties, he refined his craft to suit these new and exciting environments. He discovered the profound effect that house music specifically had on him and on the open minded local dance music community before broadband internet and digital music.

Loend then landed a weekly internet radio show on the influential streaming and record sales entity known as Groovetech, out of London. The obsession for rhythmic, bass heavy, four on the floor dance music was strengthened. After making frequent record buying trips to San Francisco in an effort to keep his bookings and broadcast shows competitive, he discovered something very special — an entire house music subculture movement. In the interest of further understanding and exploring this phenomenon, he packed up and moved closer to what he thought was the center of that movement. Loend met and learned new body moving, bass-slinging techniques from such Bay Area artists, producers, and djs as RaSoul, Garth, Jeno, Ellen Ferrato, and Miquel Migs. After attending music production workshops at the independent computer-based music shop ROBOTSPEAk on Haight Street, he started creating and producing the music that he loved so much.

Music made with love using synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and microphones.


Portland, OR USA




  1. 01 LOEND- Love City Bass LOEND
  2. 02 LOEND - Love City Bass II LOEND